12th Festival of the Reformation

28.08.2015 - 30.08.2015

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Thick stone walls are the only remnants in the midst of a beech and oak grove, and they have a story to tell: Katharina von Bora once fled the Marienthron convent after the young nun had discovered the ideas of Martin Luther for herself. The reformer, whom she should marry years after her flight, preached once and again in the nearby Grimma and convinced many inhabitants to follow his idea. – These historic events downright predestine the city by the Mulde river as host of the 12th Festival of Reformation taking place from 28 until 30 August 2015.

During three days a varied programme invites the guests to enter Luther's world: A great Medieval Renaissance Festival takes place on the market square that is connected to the "Street of Reformation" where further sites of Reformation present themselves from Altenburg to Zwickau.

In the monastery church, where Luther once stood on the pulpit and criticised the trade in indulgences, works by the painter and sculptor Renate Wandel will be displayed. That matches perfectly with the motto of the festival "Pictures and the Bible", which was chosen because of the 500th birthday of Lucas Cranach the younger. During concerts, theatre plays, lectures, panel discussions and exhibitions the guests have the possibility to "participate in Reformation".

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