Information on current events in Saxony

Since May 2020, a large number of institutions in Saxony have been able to reopen, including museums, exhibitions, memorials, zoos and botanical gardens, as well as theatres, musical theatre, cinemas, concert halls, concert venues, opera houses and leisure and amusement parks.


Due to the current coronavirus situation, please note the following:

Before visiting events, please check the respective websites to find out about any specific visitor requirements and to confirm that the event is taking place. It is often necessary to wear a mask and/or to book tickets online or by phone beforehand to regulate the number of visitors. The social distancing rule of 1.50 metres applies everywhere. We hope you have a pleasant stay!  

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Re-opening with special exhibition "Important Guests at Saxony´s most Beautiful Fortress"

30.05.2020 - 22.11.2020 , Begin: 10.00 Uhr , End: 18.00 Uhr | Königstein

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exhibition, guided tour

"High guests at Saxony's most beautiful parties"

15.05.2020 - 22.11.2020 , Begin: 10.00 Uhr , End: 16.00 Uhr | Königstein

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market / fair

Christmas market in Stolpen

05.12.2020 - 06.12.2020 | Stolpen

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Christmas event

Mulled wine village in the SteinReich world of experience

05.12.2020 - 06.12.2020 , Begin: 13.00 Uhr , End: 19.00 Uhr | Hohnstein OT Rathewalde

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exhibition, Christmas event

christmas at the castle

25.11.2020 - 13.12.2020 | Pirna

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market / fair, Christmas event

Christmas market in Königstein fortress

29.11.2020 - 20.12.2020 , Begin: 11.00 Uhr , End: 19.00 Uhr | Königstein

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"Mettenschicht" party, Christmas event

Mettenschicht in the visitors’ mine "Marie Luise Stolln"

27.11.2020 - 23.12.2020 | Kurort Berggießhübel

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market / fair, Christmas event

Canaletto Market Pirna

24.11.2020 - 30.12.2020 , Begin: 11.00 Uhr , End: 19.00 Uhr | Pirna

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