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Current information on the coronavirus in Saxony

Dear guests,

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Private travel for holiday purposes is permitted again for citizens of the EU and many other countries. Hotels and restaurants, as well as leisure and cultural facilities such as museums, palaces and castles, opera houses and theatres, and swimming-pools/spas are allowed to be open.


Bus and group tours for up to 30 people are also possible again. Masks are compulsory on board for all travellers.


The current Covid-19 regulations for Saxony always apply, especially the obligation to wear a mask, especially indoors and on public transport as well as social distancing rules. The current Covid-19 protection regulation (in German only) is in place.


Currently, the 7-day incidence rate is below the threshold of 35. This means:

  • Guests do not need to provide contact details for outdoor hospitality
  • Public festivities as well as festivities in public places are permitted with a corresponding hygiene/safety concept
  • Saunas, steam baths as well as clubs and live music venues can open with a corresponding hygiene/safety concept, registration of guests with contact details and provided guests are tested negative on the day of visiting the respective facility
  • Testing obligations are largely waived, provided that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres can be maintained.


Should the 7-day incidence rates change to a value of more than 35 on five consecutive days, the following conditions apply from the day after next:

  • Appointment bookings, registration of guests with contact details and compulsory testing at large events with more than 1,000 visitors, in indoor swimming pools, fun pools, hotel swimming pools, wellness centres and spas as well as indoor playgrounds, circuses, amusement arcades and casinos.


Should the 7-day incidence rate rise to a value of more than 50 on five consecutive days, the following rules apply from the day after the next:

  • For tourist accommodation: registration of guests with contact details, guests need to be tested negative on the day of arrival
  • For cable cars, boat trips on rivers and lakes or tourism-related rail and bus travel: registration of guests with contact details, guests need to be tested negative on the day of using the respective service
  • For museums, galleries and cultural outdoor events: appointment booking, registration of visitors with contact details and guests need to be tested negative on the day of visiting the respective facility/attending the respective event


Should the 7-day incidence rate be above a value of 100 in any given region/city of Saxony, the Infection Protection Act, which was passed in Germany on 24 April 2021, applies.

These news federal Covid-19 provisions for travel to Germany regulate registration, testing and verification obligations as well as quarantining requirements after entry for the whole of the country.

To see the current incidence rate in Saxony, please click here.


Please check the websites of the sights and attractions you are interested in to see what is currently possible and what kind of requirements apply. Generally, either a rapid test taken on the day, proof of full vaccination or recovery is required for entry into indoor spaces. Most attractions also work with advance online bookings.


Please see here for a list of official test centres in Saxony and make sure to establish whether cost for the rapid tests apply.


For further information about travel to German, you can also use the following links:

Be careful and stay healthy.

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