• Steamship parade in Dresden
Steamship parade in DresdenCospudener lake by Leipzig Theaterplatz ChemnitzBastei en la Suisse saxonneFuerst Pueckler Park Bad MuskauColditz castle in the Saxon Burgen- und HeidelandMountainbike on the Ore Mountain ridgeGöltzschtalbrücke (pont de la vallée du Göltzsch) à VogtlandWine celebration, Parkschoppenfest at the Wackerbarth castle

Regions & Cities in Saxony

Six holiday regions in Saxony - Six times different holiday fun

Whoever wants to spend his holidays in Saxony can choose his holiday domicile from six holiday regions: Upper Lusatia, Saxon Elbland, Saxon Switzerland, Saxon Castle and Heathland, Ore Mountains and Vogtland. Every region has its own character worth discovering with our help. The overview map shows you the position and introduces the scenic and touristic characteristics to you. 

Big City Lights of Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz

Those who undertake a journey through Saxony's cities, go to Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. These three metropolises combine everything a visitor may search for: a wide range of art and culture, historic and modern architecture, shopping atmosphere and pub scene. Still, each of the three cities has its very own range and atmosphere. Find out more.

Most beautiful Castles in Saxony

With the numerous castles in prominent locations in Saxony the aristocracy set standards: the sovereigns of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque could only live as splendidly because wealth and artistry converged: nature and culture, picturesque river valleys and magnificent castle grounds, high cliffs and huge fortresses, deep forests and romantic aristocratic residences make unforgettable contrasts throughout Saxony. 

Castles in Saxony