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In the August-Horch-Museum enthusiasts can witness automobile history admiring luxurious models of Horch, Audi, Wanderer and DKW but also models of the Trabant.

August Horch Museum

Experience automobile history - during a time travel through the history of the brands Horch, Audi, DKW, Wanderer, VW and even the legendary Trabant.

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Based on photographies, letters, original furniture and music books the guests relive Schumann's love for music and his wife Clara in the composer's birth house

Robert Schumann House, Zwickau

The house on Zwickau's marketplace where Robert Schumann was born has the biggest single collection of Schumann memorabilia in the world, with more than 4000 original manuscripts of the composer and his wife, the pianist Clara Wieck. Thousands of other contemporary documents, including valuable manuscripts and prints, as well as paintings and sculptures, complement this unique collection.

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Priesterhäuser Zwickau- Priest‘s Homes (Museum)

Priests' House

The tiny priests' houses from the 13th century are considered to be one of Germany's oldest living ensembles. In the atmosphere of historic rooms, arranged in museum-style, guests also learn about medieval gastronomy from the first Zwickau restaurant brewery. Very popular are tastings from the so-called black kitchen, beer seminars and a tour through the distillery.

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Tip: „New World"

Guests stroll through Germany's largest continuous Art Nouveau and Gründerzeit ensemble, past the marvellous Cathedral of St. Marien, the 500-year-old Gewandhaus, the guildhall, the old Johannisbad and the concert house and ballroom „Neue Welt" (New World), which harbours the most beautiful art nouveau hall in Saxony.

Events in Zwickau

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Christmas event

Christmas at Zwickau Castle

26.11.2021 - 19.12.2021 | Zwickau

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Zwickau Christmas Market

market / fair, Christmas event

Zwickau Christmas Market

23.11.2021 - 23.12.2021 | Zwickau

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