• Pirna in the winter
Pirna in the winterCity center in FreibergPlauen in wintertimePeters Church and old town GoerlitzTownhall in GrimmaSchloss Hartenfels, castle in TorgauJohannisbad, bath in Zwickau

Favourite places of history in Saxony's cities

Saxony's range of city tours is overwhelming:

Be it the big or the smaller cities - their architecture, their precious museums and renowned events represent Saxony's cultural abundance. You gain a lot from a trip to our cities.

On these pages or in our latest catalogue you find the most beautiful cities at a glance.

Big City Lights

Those who undertake a journey through Saxony's cities, go to Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz. These three metropolises combine everything a visitor may search for: a wide range of art and culture, historic and modern architecture, shopping atmosphere and pub scene. Still, each of the three cities has its very own range and atmosphere. Find out more.

Fascinating cities at the Elbe and Mulde

The cities at the Elbe and the Mulde have a special charm. Torgau impresses as a Renaissance and "Luther City". Meissen seduces with wine and porcelain. Pirna shines with beautifully redeveloped town houses from the Middle Ages and Radebeul with the Karl-May-Museum and Mediterranean atmosphere along the Saxon Wine Trail. Grimma is one of the treasures in the Mulde Valley.


Cities in the Ore Mountains and Vogtland

The cities in the Ore Mountains were particularly influenced by centuries of ore mining history. Therefore, a trip to Freiberg, Annaberg-Buchholz, Schwarzenberg and Zwickau most of all introduces the traditions of the former silver ore mining - be it mining custom or wooden craftsmanship. Magnificent architecture and living customs tell of the work above and below ground. The cities also hold a great musical heritage. For 120 years, Plauen has been the home of the world famous Plauener Spitze® (Plauen lace).

Cities in in Upper Lusatia

Historic cities in Upper Lusatia

Lovingly restored cities invite you to a trip to the beautiful Upper Lusatia. These include Zittau, the city of Lenten veils, and the more than 1000-year-old Bautzen with the Old Waterworks, the Ortenburg and Sorbian customs. With its numerous architectural monuments and the bridge to the Polish sister city Zgorzelec, Görlitz is well worth seeing, too.

Kamenz leads you to literary history as it was birthplace and domain of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.