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Worth seeing

Market place with Renaissance guildhall

The market place in Torgau shows many treasures of architecture. The mighty Renaissance guildhall, built in 1579, with the colourful and richly decorated oriels is a feast for the eyes. It is considered to be Saxony's most beautiful guildhall. A walk through the narrow streets shows more than 500 monuments from late Gothic and Renaissance times.

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Hartenfels Castle

Hartenfels Castle is probably the most striking building in the cityscape. It is located near the city centre on the shore of the Elbe. The Große Wendelstein (great spiral stone) in the castle, built between 1485 and 1623, from the times of Early Renaissance is regarded as unique. The castle church was consecrated in 1544 as first protestant church in Germany by none other than Martin Luther himself.

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Especially remarkable is the Renaissance house of the mayor Paul Ringenhain. Today, it is a museum. In the originally preserved stately floors of the house, built in 1596, aside from the mayor's furniture, wall and ceiling paintings in the style of the antiquity as well as Christianity can be admired.

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Discover Torgau

Torgau Katharina Von Bora on the Wendelstein stairs

Tip: On the traces of the Reformation

The traces of the Reformation are leading from the elector's chancellery across the first German superintendency to the grave of Luther's wife, Katharina of Bora, in the church of St. Marien, but also to the Torgau beer.

Events in Torgau

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concert / opera / music event

International Saxon Singers Academy

05.07.2018 - 15.07.2018 | Torgau

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play, concert / opera / music event, reading / presentation

Culture Summer at Schloss Hartenfels Palace

17.07.2018 - 19.07.2018 | Torgau

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Christmas event

Torgau Fairy Tail Christmas Market

07.12.2018 - 19.12.2018 | Torgau

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