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Worth seeing

Old Waterworks and the Ortenburg

Special features of Bautzen are its lookout towers. The old waterworks with the viewing platform and historic pump station are the city's symbol. The Ortenburg with the Burgtheater distinctively characterises this ensemble. One of the 17 towers is the Reichenturm - the "Leaning Tower" of Bautzen.

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Cathedral of St. Petri

The Cathedral of St. Petri with the Cathedral Chapter and the Treasury is one of Bautzen's tourist magnets. Since 1524 the dome is the only interdenominational church in East Germany. Here, Catholics and Protestants share the presbytery and the nave for their prayers.

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Sorbian greeting-ceremony

Sorbian Traditions

The city on the river Spree is also the cultural and political centre of the Sorbs. The small Slavic population has kept its language, traditions, folklore and many customs like the popular Easter customs to this today. One of the most prominent Sorbian cultural sites is the only bilingual theatre in Germany, the German-Sorbian Folk Theatre.

Bautzen sorbian easter eggs
Bautzen sorbian easter eggs

Tip: Easter in Bautzen

Experience fascinating German-Sorbian Easter holidays with a great many colourful Easter customs like the artistic painting of Sorbian Easter eggs, the traditional Osterblasen (playing of a brass band) on the Protschenberg with a view of the medieval city, Easter chorals, folk and spring songs, the Bautzener Eierschieben and the Easter festival on the fairground as well as the prominent processions of the German-Sorbian Easter riders.

Events in Bautzen

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24th International Pentecost VW Meeting

17.05.2018 - 20.05.2018 | Kubschütz

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1016th Spring in Bautzen

25.05.2018 - 27.05.2018 | Bautzen

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exhibition, guided tour

09.06.2018 | Bautzen

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