Saxony - State of the Arts!

The region of Saxony is characterised by its distinctive arts and culture scene, traditions that have been preserved for centuries, enchanting landscapes, significant historical momentsand a fascinating present. Thus, the Free State of Saxony in Germany’s southeast providesa wide variety of options in particular for culture and city breaks but also family, activity, vitality and wellness holidays.

Culture is the defining topic for tourism in Saxony. The region’s variety of cultural offers, which can be found throughout,   and their sophistication are unparalleled in Germany. Visitors from all over the world enjoy and appreciate the range of   first-class arts and culture experiences to be had in Saxony. The federal state’s cultural scene is characterised by widely respected theatre and music productions, top-notch festivals as well as museums and exhibitions of international standing.

When music-lovers speak about structure in Saxony, they are usually talking about the greatest concentration of theatres and orchestras in Germany. When music fans from the world over enthuse about performances in the Semper Opera House, the Leipzig Opera House, the Chemnitz Opera House or about concerts by the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Leipzig Thomanenchor, the Dresden State Orchestra of Saxony and the Dresden Kreuzchor, they are following in the footsteps of composers such as Richard Wagner, Robert Schumann, Carl Maria von Weber and Johann Sebastian Bach. And when enjoyment of music and art is mixed with over 1000 years of cultural history, then it is clear why Saxony is Germany's No. 1 cultural destination.  

The musical landscape of Saxony has no comparison anywhere else in Germany. No other German state offers such an abundance of concert halls and theatres, museums and outstanding architecture. It is the exquisite artistic and cultural experiences that visitors the world over appreciate in particular. Whether in the opera houses, castles, stately homes, parks and historic sites or in quarries, churches or town squares - internationally renowned theatrical and musical productions, top-class festivals and historic and modern exhibitions shape the cultural landscape of Saxony.   With their diverse characteristics and atmospheres ranging from the Baroque to modern elegance, industrial architecture and arto deco on the one hand and dreamy romanticism to lively city life on the other, Saxony's cities have considerable touristic appeal. These cities are also convenient starting points for fascinating trips to the seven Saxon holiday regions.  

Saxony is known for its rich craft history. The region's unique artistic handcrafted products are internationally recognized under the name Erzgebirgische Holzkunst®. Since 1677, musical instruments of all types have been made in workshops in the gently hilly Vogtland, a town also know for Plauener Spitze®. In the 1,000-year-old city of Meissen in the Saxon Elbland, the famous Meissen porcelain has been manufactured for over 300 years. In the show factory of the State Porcelain Manufacturer Meissen, visitors can see how the valuable pieces are created. In addition, this is the most northeasterly situated wine growing area of Europe. In Glashütte, the famous clock brands from Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original and others are created by masterly precision work. In Sebnitz, a small town near to the Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland), handmade silk flowers are created in small workshops. Nestled in the charming landscape of the Rabenauer Grund, stools are still hand-made in the traditional way.  

About 1,000 castles, fortresses, gardens and mansions rank among the historical treasures of Saxony. Like a string of pearls they wind through the legend-steeped region of Upper Lusatia, the fairytale Castle and Moor Land and the fabled Ore Mountains - some powerful and defiant, others baroque and filigree.  


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