Holiday regions in Saxony

Upper Lusatia 

Upper Lusatia is located in the very east of Saxony. It represents the German part of the three-country corner consisting of Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. The sun first rises in the German town which lies furthest to the east, Görlitz. And the keeping of time in Europe is oriented at Görlitz as the 51st degree of latitude lies in the middle of this town. The region looks after old handicraft traditions - potters and gingerbread bakers are at home here. A really special tradition is the fish breeding in the largest continuous pond region in Germany. Upper Lusatia is also ideal for cycling and hiking.  

Saxon Switzerland 

This region probably has the most spectacular scenery in all of Saxony: the Elbe sandstone mountains. It is not only a scenery which has inspired famous painters such as Caspar David Friedrich but also a paradise for mountain climbers. Beautiful villages and towns - including some of the oldest spa towns in Germany, wind their way along the Elbe, Germany's second longest river. These and other attractions such as Europe's most beautiful natural stage, the Felsenmbühne Rathen stage set among cliffs can be reached on a historic Saxon steamship.  

Saxon Elbe Region 

Saxon wine, the famous blue swords of the Meissen porcelain, the Karl May Museum and the steam-driven Lößnitz valley railway are Hits in the Saxon Elbe region. The best way to discover the region's famous romantic towns and cities such as Dresden, Meißen, Riesa and Torgau is by bike or with a steam engine which the locals lovingly call the Lößnitz hound dog. In Riesa the slogan „With full noodle power forwards!" applies. A visit to the noodle plant is a real personal tip. The whole family will enjoy it and of course they will also enjoy eating the noodles.  

Saxon Castle and Heath Region 

In the „Valley of the Castles" you can experience 1,000 years of Saxon history. Castles and palaces are strung like pearls on a chain - splendid the ones, magnificent the others. An attractive holiday destination for hiking, cycling, riding and Wellness are the Dahlen and the Düben heaths. Great hiking package tours await visitors here. Why not take part in a medieval trip back in time during a 10-day holiday tour on a stage coach with goats, chicken, horses and lots of nice people? An excursion to the Leipzig Zoo is also always worthwhile.  

The Ore Mountains/West Saxony 

The Ore Mountains are one of the most beautiful low mountain regions. They form 1,500 square kilometres of natural reserve which attracts hikers in the summer and ski enthusiasts in the winter. The Ore Mountains are also the home of the nutcrackers, carved wood incense burners, candle arches and Christmas pyramids. Very impressive is a ride along the „Silver Route" between Zwickau and Dresden via Freiberg. This route gives witness to the centuries of silver ore mining and shows the treasures both above and below the ground in more than 25 mines. Zwickau itself is an automobile and museum town. In the August Horch Museum Oldtimers have been polished like new while in the Robert Schumann House everything evolves around the composer and his wife. Little wonder since two monuments point to the music and automobile town: the Robert Schumann monument and a concrete Trabant.   

The Vogtland Region 

The largest Saxon summer recreation area lies in the Vogtland region: The Pöhl dam with a protected natural reserve of more than 4,000 hectares invites visitors to relax, hike and enjoy water sports. Visitors should also not miss out on a visit to the Syrau dragon cave, Saxony's most beautiful dripstone cave. In the demonstration workshops of Vogtland's musical instrument makers you can see how much work is involved in making a violin or a trumpet to resound. The world's largest accordion is on display in Germany's only musical instrument museum in Markneukirchen, and the MIR space station landed in the Grünheide forest park.


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Holiday Regions in Saxony


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