Saxony: Christmas magic all year long

Is there a Christmas country? Of course, there is! Saxony is Germany’s Christmas country and not just at Christmas but actually always and throughout the year. Millions of tourists from Germany and abroad cannot get enough of the region’s  Christmas traditions and customs that are among the oldest in Germany. What is more, they are so much part of everyday life that you can say without exaggerating that Saxony features the highest amount of all kinds of Christmas experiences in Germany. In other parts of the country, “Christmas“ is defined by Christmas markets only. In Saxony, you can experience special Christmas traditions throughout the year, in factories, open workshops, museums, exhibitions and with numerous events. Of course, it is all at its most beautiful during Advent and in the festive season proper. And Christmas is also the time when “Dresdner Christstollen“, the famous Christmas cake from Dresden, tastes the most delicious.


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Christmas Wonderland


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