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Saxony. State of the Arts.

Chemnitz - City of Modernity

Chemnitz has its contrasts - industry and culture, tradition and modernity. The third largest city of the newly-formed German states receives its visitors as a lively modern city in the heart of Saxony. The charming atmosphere is the result of coexistence and cooperation of 850 years of city history, increased industrial architecture and reconstruction work of the post-reunification period.

Foto: Leipziger Innenstadt

City Centre

The city centre exemplifies its eventful history. Growth and prosperity during the Gründerzeit, the embrace of Modernity, destruction during the Second World War, the GDR era and the new self-confidence after the reunification. Where grey concrete once dominated the cityscape, renowned architects have created a new, several times award-winning city centre.

Villa Esche

Foto: Villa Esche in Chemnitz

With his specific interpretation of Art Nouveau on the former villa of the fabricant of socks, Herbert Esche, in 1903 Henry van de Velde created a manifest of modern architecture. After the conclusion of the extensive restoration, it serves as communication and meeting place for economy, art and culture since June 2001.

The Art Collections Chemnitz & Museum Gunzenhauser

Foto: Museum Gunzenhauser in Chemnitz

The art collections Chemnitz with more than 60.000 exhibits, the works by Karl Schmidt-Rottluff amongst others and the Museum Gunzenhauser represent an obvious highlight of Classic Modern Art of the 20th Century in Saxony. Dr. Alfred Gunzenhauser donated 2.459 works by 270 artists to the city.

Saxon Industrial Museum Chemnitz

Foto: Industriemuseum Chemnitz

As seat of the Saxon Industrial Museum in Chemnitz, the memorial complex of a factory around 1900 accommodates treasures from over 200 years of Saxon industrial culture. The focus lies on the entrepreneurial spirit as well as on the achievement of thousands of workers and the creativity of engineers.

DAStietz and the Petrified Forrest

Foto: Chemnitz - DAStietz mit Versteinertem Wald

The former department store palace accommodates an impressing Museum of Natural History including the 290 million-year-old "Petrified Forrest" in the roof-covered atrium of the Tietz-House. It is part of one of the scientifically most valuable collections of fossil plants in the world. The museum shows about 7.000 petrified woods from the transparent cut to the extremely heavy trunk.

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